April 28, 2023

1st Round Elimination Games, Bowness Presser, & Devils Surging

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How about the competition in the NHL’s first-round!? At the time of recording, only one team has been eliminated, the Winnipeg Jets. That leaves PLENTY to cover on the pod! Ray is soaking up the Big Apple as he continues to cover the Rangers/Devils series for ESPN, and Dregs tees up EPISODE 60 of the pod from home!

In Headlines, the guys talk a Maple Leafs Game 5 loss that has a familiar feeling for Leaf fans. Ray asks why Toronto struggles to have quality starts, and the guys discuss the Michael Bunting and Justin Holl lineup decisions ahead of Game 6 vs. the resilient Lightning.

Jets Head Coach Rick Bowness was in a MOOD after Winnipeg dropped a deciding Game-5 against the Golden Knights. What appeared to be months of frustration came to the surface, and Ray thinks the presser will prove pivotal to the Winnipeg’s off-season changes; which of course includes Dubois to Montreal speculation. 

After outscoring the Devils 10-2 in Game 1 & 2 wins, the Rangers have dropped 3-straight while being outplayed by a SURGING New Jersey squad. The guys talk New York’s inability to solve Akira Schmid, a SIZEABLE advantage for the Devils defence, and the potential for the Devils to takedown a talent-filled Rangers roster. 

Plus, Freddy Anderson’s return to a low-scoring Canes vs. Isles battle, and if the Florida Panthers have opened the door enough for a chance to upset the Bruins. 

Just when Kris Abbott decided to hedge his Lightning bet, the Bolts bounce-back, amidst an odds roller-coaster in Leafs/Lightning. Kris discusses the pivotal Game 5, an NJD/NYR series-shift and the implications for bettors, and the litany of NFL Draft bets available. 

Keep those #AskRayandDregsAnything Q’s coming! The guys answer your Q’s on the mindset of a player being ‘benched’, how many NHL goals Ray would give up to have won a cup, and which series appeals most to new-fans of the game. Ray talks hitting an 80 on his off-day, and brings the chirps as a golf-buddy chimes in with a question. 

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