May 20, 2022

A Whole Lotta Goals - The Battle of Alberta & 2nd Round of NHL Playoffs

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Ray and Darren delve into the wild start to the Battle of Alberta - how it was fun for everyone - except if you were a goalie.  They talk expectations for Game 2 including for the goaltending to look much better on both ends of the ice and what playing style it will take to get through. The guys discuss the Tkachuk family and why no one should be slamming Brady for cheering on his brother Matthew in the playoffs - and having fun while doing so. Ray discusses whether Tampa is now fully switched into '3-peat mode'. The guys look at the Leafs offseason and what their on-ice priorities should be going into next year. and what's going on with the coaching rumor mill and Vegas and all the big coaching names on the market and teams waiting for Trotz to decide where he's going first.

#AskRayandDregsAnything sees questions on whether there's a benefit to lack of travel in a series like the Battle of Alberta and get into the late start times and if that throws a wrench into a player's gameday preparations, and what Ray's biggest surprise of the playoffs thus far is.

Coolbet Kris joins and talks about the over-under being 6.5 goals, and that typically being a higher number for the 2nd round of the playoffs and some value on betting the 'under' where the goaltending is stronger. Also touch on the PGA Championship and Rory's first round, and a few interesting live betting options, and Darren gets the guy's opinions on whether the O-Dog actually shot 65 - or not.

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