Jan. 19, 2023

‘Good Problems’ w/ Buffalo Sabres GM Kevyn Adams

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Buffalo Sabres GM Kevyn Adams joined the pod and spoke on his team’s chase for the playoffs, unpredictable progress of young players, and ‘good problems’ in the goalie crease. Adams also spoke on the Buffalo community pulling together in a tough stretch for the city, and the tight-knit bond between the Sabres and Bills. 

In Headlines, the guys speak on Ivan Provorov’s decision not to join the Flyers in celebrating Pride Night, Steven Stamkos’ milestone achievement and the rare fashion in which he did it in, and a wild first-round of the playoffs shaping up in the East. Plus, this year’s slow trade market, and Ray’s proposal for a ‘franchise tag’ like system to bring back more deals. 

Kris Abbott joins the pod and is ready to redeem himself in the NFL's Divisional round this weekend. The game of the week is Niners/Cowboys, and Ray is back to his ‘teasing’ ways. Norris trophy odds are examined as a rejuvenated Erik Karlsson headlines the list of potential non-Makar winners. 

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