May 15, 2023

Canada's Stanley Cup Drought Continues: Oilers & Leafs Season Wrap-Up

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Ray’s group chats were FIERY, as he stoked the flames on the Oilers and Leafs 2nd round exits. Along with Ray’s friends, many Canadians were disappointed in the results of the weekend, the Stanley Cup will yet again be awarded to an American team. 

In Headlines, the guys cover Game 6 between the Oilers and Golden Knights, the play of Adin Hill in backstopping the Vegas win, Leon Draisaitl being unable to produce to the ridiculous standard he set early in the series, and if Bruce Cassidy out-coached Jay Woodcroft. Plus, sizing up the Oilers off-season, the lack of trust in their depth players, and the Campbell or Skinner question.

It’s another disappointing end for the Toronto Maple Leafs, losing to the Florida Panthers in 5-games. Ray explains why it’s imperative for the Leafs to have an answer to the Matthews question ahead of off-season planning. The guys discuss the many questions surrounding the Leafs including if the ‘core-4’ stay intact, the future of Kyle Dubas and Sheldon Keefe, and Brendan Shanahan’s plan for the future direction of the team.

Kris Abbott is jet-setting on vacation, so Ray & Dregs take a look at the Conn Smythe odds with the Conference Finals set to start this week. Ray makes his pick for Game 7 between the Stars and Kraken, and the Dallas player he thinks would win MVP if they capture the cup. Plus, the Panthers and Hurricanes series odds, the similar construction of both teams, and who Ray’s picking to win the ‘Flinstone-like’ battle.

In Ask Ray & Dregs Anything, the guys answer YOUR questions on the pod, every week! Loyal listener Larry chimes in with a reminder on how to ask the guys a Q, a listener asks if John Gibson or Connor Hellebuyck could be a fit for the Devils, and how to better make the ‘time fit the crime’ when it comes to the severity of suspensions. Plus, Ray goes OFF on Dregs’ Golden Knights source in regards to the Alex Pietrangelo slash. AND, Dregs asks for your help with a black fly issue. 

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Season 4 Episode 65 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky, who are asking, "Are You Over Beer?", also brought to you now available in Ontario, and by Tim Horton's; Tim's NHL Hockey Challenge is back for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and by DUER: Use code 'RNDPANTS' to save 15% off pants

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