May 5, 2023

Chucking Water Bottles, Pavelski/Draisaitl 4-Goal Games, & Norris Trophy Ballots

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Ray is back home for a short rest from the NHL on ESPN grind, and Dregs continues his TSN Panel coverage as the guys cover the 2nd Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In Headlines, the guys discuss the Maple Leafs blowing a two-goal lead in a Game 2 loss to the Florida Panthers. Find out why Ray thinks the Panthers were handed a ‘get out of jail free’ card, and how the Leafs can prevent more ‘water bottle throwing’. 

A rather bittersweet distinction is shared between Joe Pavelski and Leon Draisaitl as they each tallied 4-goals in a loss, the last player to score 4 in a playoff loss was… Ray Ferraro! Ray talks the 4-goal night back in the ’93 playoffs, and weighing a personal accomplishment with the team falling short. 

The Golden Knights vs. Oilers might be as ‘can’t-miss’ a playoff series as they come! A goal-filled Game 1, Mark Stone’s effect on the Vegas lineup, and Stone’s bothersome back injury are discussed as the guys predict a long battle between the Western Conference heavyweights. 

Norris Trophy finalists were released this week, the guys compare their votes for the Norris, why they both felt Makar deserved a vote, and the fan-response to their votes. 

Kris Abbott joins the show as the Leafs 0-2 deficit shifts their Stanley Cup favourite status, the ever-changing odds to lift Lord Stanley, and Ray explains why road-games have become less of a hill-to-climb. Plus, Draft Lottery odds, the probabilities of the bottom-3 winning, and the potential to bet on an outlier. 

In Ask Ray & Dregs Anything, the guys answer YOUR questions every week! Today’s episode includes questions on favourite playoff moments, the J.C Tremblay ‘flip’ zone entry, and the (near-impossible) likelihood of a team trading the 2023 1st Overall Pick. And, Ray is asked about his Nonna’s cooking and the Italian method of measuring. 

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Season 4 Episode 62 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky, who are asking, "Are You Over Beer?", also brought to you now available in Ontario, and by Tim Horton's; Tim's NHL Hockey Challenge is back for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and by DUER: Use code 'RNDPANTS' to save 15% off pants

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