Dec. 6, 2022

Marner vs. Robertson + Taking a ‘Blue Light’ to the NHL’s Latest Storylines

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Ray checks in from Dallas ahead of the ‘Battle of the Point-Streaks’ tonight with two of the NHL’s hottest players, Jason Robertson and Mitch Marner facing off. Dregs brings out his ‘Quizmaster’ impression as the guys chat dominant stretches from two very different but talented players.

Headlines starts out with a wild and whacky Canucks vs. Habs game, Dregs talks scouts eyeing both teams for trade targets, and the chances of Brock Boeser joining a new team this season. You can’t talk trade rumours in the NHL without bringing up the name Jacob Chychrun. The guys discuss possible destinations and return for the stud Arizona Coyotes defenceman. Meanwhile, Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella is already yelling at the media amidst what’s sure to be another forgettable season for Philly.

Kris Abbott’s on the west-coast, so naturally he attended the Canucks game last night, but hesitated on a hedge that could’ve saved him some money. He talks the Marner/Robertson streaks and the odds of catching Gretzky’s record of 51 games. Plus, find out why Kris is giving himself the nickname ‘George Costanza’ after another L in the NFL Picks competition. 

Ask R+D sees questions from a loyal listener on NHL front offices, and if specialists could be added to help coaches. Does smoke=fire when it comes to the New York Rangers and their drop off this season? The guys discuss possible changes in Broadway. Plus, Josh Anderson to New Jersey Devils rumours are explored as the Canadiens forward garners interest from fans. 

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