Dec. 13, 2022

Bo Horvat & Trade Market for Centres, Ovechkin’s Empty Nets, Bettman’s Tenure

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The ‘angry ocean’ couldn’t keep Dregs from checking into the pod from the Sunshine state, and the NHL’s Board of Governors meetings. He talks watching the Minnesota Wild game with Bill Guerin, and asks, is parity in the league a good thing? While any team could win on a given night, the guys discuss the pros and cons of parity, such as the reluctance for teams to make trades. 

Headlines kicks off with the report that Canucks captain Bo Horvat declined a contract offer to stay with the club, and is likely to be traded. The guys talk Horvat’s torrid pace, and other potentially available big-name centres as key factors in setting an asking price. Alex Ovechkin makes history with every goal he scores, and even the empty netters count! His record of 53 empty netters is only 2nd to Wayne Gretzky in NHL history. 

Are the New Jersey Devils ‘appointment viewing’ for hockey fans?? A wild matchup with the New York Rangers has the guys' attention as they talk a high-flying Devils team. 

30 years at the helm, and the only ‘commissioner’ of the NHL, Gary Bettman has undoubtedly made an impact on the game. Bettman’s (ongoing) legacy, and fan perception of him is examined.

Kris Abbott joins the show and talks a much needed NFL picks victory which keeps him within striking distance. He talks a whirlwind World Cup and taking a ‘checkered’ bet on Croatia that could pay huge dividends. Team Canada’s performance is re-evaluated, and Reese Ferraro’s pre-tournament confidence in Morocco has Kris recruiting for the future! 

Ask Ray & Dregs sees questions on Erik Karlsson’s resurgence aligning with Brent Burns departure from the San Jose Sharks. Karlsson’s acquisition and the offensive d-man’s stellar season are further discussed. What players just look outright strange when they wear a new team’s colours? Should we be inducting teams like ’72 Team Canada into the Hockey Hall of Fame? The guys offer their opinions. 

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