Dec. 20, 2022

New NHL Award Names in a Snowmageddon Power Pod

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A Vancouver snowstorm made this the pod that almost wasn’t, but Ray pushed through a power outage to make it happen! Episode 25 kicks off with the very gentlemanly Cale Maker and his decision to… decline a penalty!? You don’t see that everyday! 

Headlines features a discussion on the NHL potentially following the NBA’s lead and updating trophy names with more modern examples of excellence in each category. Dregs says it’s a matter of time before they do, and there is plenty to debate on which legends of the game would have to honour of having a trophy named after them. Would it be too soon to name the Selke after Patrice Bergeron? Is there one trophy that should remain untouchable for now? Plus, Patrick Roy and Dominik Hasek are compared as Ray names his Vezina successor.

Kris Abbott stops by to recap a wild World Cup Final, and the ‘immaculate deuce’ that changed everything for his betting fortunes. Ironically, the snow kept Ray from gloating about his victory in the NFL’s snow game this weekend. 

Every week, your questions are answered on Ask Ray & Dregs, and now merch prizes are up for grabs! Ask away on our socials, or the Ray & Dregs website. Today’s questions prompted an epic hotel prank story, and had Ray recounting contract negotiations with Hartford Whalers management. Dregs is hearing rumblings of a possible expansion return of the Atlanta Thrashers!? 

 Season 4 Episode 25 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky: who are asking: 'Are You Over Beer?', Boston Pizza - pick it up or get it delivered right to your door, let Boston Pizza do the cooking tonight, ‘The Game Starts Now’ now available in Ontario, and by DUER: Use code ‘RND15’ to save 15% off pants at

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