June 9, 2022

“Eating To Win a Championship” w/ Retired NHL’er Matt Calvert

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When you're on Nathan MacKinnon's team, you can't just eat, you have to be "eating to win a championship". That is, according to former Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Calvert. Calvert talks the bittersweet emotions of watching the Avs make the Stanley Cup final, his new venture, CAL Sports Management, and has a bone to pick with Ray for chirping his breakaway on live TV!

Ray and Dregs discuss the Lightning ‘flipping a switch’ to make the Eastern Conference final a best-of-three, how a stacked Avs lineup matches up vs. either of the remaining world-class goalies. Plus, why Oilers fans should be proud of the season they had, but if the salary cap will keep them from being a team that gets those last ‘8 wins’. 

Coolbet Kris celebrates hitting a prop bet on an otherwise meaningless Panarin goal, chats the wild changes in odds after the Lightning erased a 2-0 Rangers lead, and looks ahead to Stanley Cup final.

Ask R&D sees questions on the off-season, how soon players book tee-times/vacations after being ousted in the playoffs, changes to the high-stick rule, and more!

Season 3 Episode 37 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky: who are asking: 'Are You Over Beer?', Coolbet.co the free to play sports and casino games website, by Boston Pizza - pick it up or get it delivered right to your door, let Boston Pizza do the cooking tonight, and by DUER: Use code ‘RND15’ to save 15% off pants at DUER.ca.

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