Nov. 21, 2019

🚨Emergency Episode: Babcock Firing

Ray and Darren discuss at length all the ramifications of the news dropping Wednesday afternoon that the Leafs fired their head coach Mike Babcock and promoted Marlies' head coach Sheldon Keefe. The guys get into what went wrong leading to the Leafs 6 game losing streak and Babcock's dismissal, and what can be expected now with Keefe's hiring. They delve into whether Leafs' management, coaching and the players can all finally be on the same page moving forward with the kind of team that they have. And what will Keefe do with the lines, the power play and penalty killing units, and can any roster movement from the AHL be anticipated with his familiarity with those players? Ray and Darren dig into whether Babcock will surface with another NHL team this season. The guys wrap up the emergency pod chasing on the latest news out of Winnipeg with the ever evolving Byfuglien versus the Jets situation with the NHLPA filing a grievance over his suspension. 

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