April 25, 2023

Fending off Twitter Trolls w/ NHL’er Turned Broadcaster Marc Methot

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As a former player with the Senators, Stars, and Blue Jackets, Marc Methot defended the best hockey players in the world. Now, he spends his time dealing with ‘trolls’ in his mentions! The TSN Broadcaster joined the guys to chat going from ‘chirping’ in the back of the team bus to battles on Twitter, his opinion of ‘inconsistent’ officiating in the NHL playoffs, and the incoming storm of Maple Leaf fans ready to pounce if the Leafs win their first-round match-up. Plus, Marc’s journey to the ‘show’ from the London Knights, playing with the skilled & unpredictable Erik Karlsson, and more! 

In Headlines, the guys recount a wild Maple Leafs comeback, and the uncharacteristic struggles of Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy. 

Is a 1-game suspension enough for Cale Makar, if Kraken forward Jared McCann misses the rest of the series? Ray compares the suspension to Michael Bunting’s as the Kraken tie the series at 2-2.

Ray compares the Rangers dip to last year’s first-round vs. the Penguins, and the need for top-guns Kreider, Panarin, and Zibanejad to step-up against the Devils. Plus, an impressive showing thus far from the Canes, the Bruins holding court against the Panthers, and the tight-battle between the Oilers and Kings. The guys round-out Headlines with a discussion on the officiating in the playoffs, fan frustration, and the high-stakes of every call.

Betano’s Kris Abbott joins the pod to discuss changing odds in the 1st-round and how a bet on the Kraken might be worth a look given their strong play against the Avs. Kris has to acknowledge his first-round strategy of betting against the Leafs, might finally result in gambling losses. Plus, EARLY Conn Smythe favourites and the odds of an unlikely playoff MVP. 

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