Oct. 11, 2021


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Winnipeg Jets star defenseman Nate Schmidt joins Ray & Dregs this week. The guys talk Nate's amazing hockey journey starting off undrafted,  playing in Washington, joining Vegas in their expansion season,  getting traded to the Jets from the Canucks and getting to know and bond with his new teammates in the 'Peg. Nate shares how difficult it was going through the Covid experience with Vancouver last season including the tough schedule coming out of being shut down. He talks what it is like being one of the older guys on a fun team that is fully going for it, his pure love of enjoying playing hockey and much more. Coolbet Kris talks MLB Postseason betting, what ‘The Match’ will look like in the betting arena and recaps the Wilder vs Fury Fight from the weekend. #AskRayandDregsAnything sees questions including why Ron Francis was so underrated as a NHL player, and who Ray's dark-horse NHL playoff teams are.

This week's episode is presented by our title sponsor Infiniti, book your contactless test drive at Infiniti.ca, by Coolbet.co the free to play sports and casino games website, by our pals at Canadian Club Whisky: who are asking: 'Are You Over Beer?', by Boston Pizza: BP's Kids Cards are back now, by Netcoins.ca: 'Crypto Made Easy' and by Endy.ca: use code RD75 for $75 off your mattress order.

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