Dec. 22, 2022

World Juniors & Ukrainian Hockey Dream Tour w/ TSN’s Gord Miller

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Despite the picture of his credentials he tweeted out, Gord Miller was surprisingly un-moustached during recording today. The longtime TSN play-by-play commentator joined the guys from the World Juniors host city of Moncton. He talked a crazy holiday travel schedule, being Ray Ferraro’s hotel guide, and the palpable ‘buzz’ around the 2023 tournament. 

As he preps for the World Juniors, Gord shared his thoughts on the teams and players to watch. He compares Team Canada to the powerhouse ’05 squad, and praises the talent of Americans Luke Hughes, and Logan Cooley. Miller has been instrumental in organizing the ‘Ukrainian Hockey Dream’ series which is set to kick-off on December 30th!

In Headlines, the guys talk scoring prowess of Connor McDavid, Minnesota Wild overcoming cap concerns and due credit to pro scouts for ‘found money’ in Sam Steel, when Chicago Blackhawks’ trade pieces might fall amidst their spiral to the bottom of the standings. Plus, a strange sequence with Michael Bunting getting bounced by linesman Dan Kelly.

It’s a New Brunswick themed episode as Kris Abbott joins the show from his hometown of Moncton. Kris talked World Juniors odds, eyeing the spreads if Canada starts to dominate, and Betano’s dual-forecast option for the tournament. Ray got back in the win column with a ‘tease’ last week so he’s back to it as the guys make their NFL picks for Vikings vs. Giants. 

For more information on the ‘Ukrainian Hockey Dream’ tour, click here

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