Nov. 10, 2021

Hall of Famer Kevin Lowe

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Hockey Hall of Famer, Kevin Lowe joins Ray & Dregs this week. Kevin talks about what a special moment it will be to be formally inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, crafting his induction speech and getting the call that he was being inducted. Kevin shares stories from his playing career and in management, how he developed his style of play, penalties you could get away with back in the day, today’s game, being a part of the Oilers organization and all the hats he has worn in the hockey world. Ray and Dregs reflect on his impact on the game plus much more.

#AskRayandDregsAnything sees questions on which goalies Ray enjoyed playing against, if Calgary “has to make it work” with their current roster, if the NHL would go to a soft salary cap, which team could end up picking Conor Bedard at first overall and Ray has a question of his own for Dregs about Arizona. Coolbet Kris joins us and shares how the sports books are doing, the most profitable day in Coolbet history, the taunting call on the Bears and the most profitable teams in the NHL.

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