May 9, 2023

Hotel Neighbour Wars, Draft Lottery Conspiracy Theories, + NHL Playoff Headlines

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Another day, another podcast from a hotel-room for Ray as he gets set for ESPN duties. However, a surly hotel neighbour was less than thrilled, making a guest appearance in supremely petty fashion, you don’t want to miss it!

In Headlines, the guys delve into the latest from around the NHL. Connor Bedard’s landing-spot is now clear as the Chicago Blackhawks won the Draft Lottery. The hype surrounding the lottery, twitterverse conspiracy theories, and pulling an ‘Eric Lindros’ are discussed. 

A huge bounce-back win for the Vegas Golden Knights swings the momentum back in their favour, however, an injury to Laurent Brossoit leaves more question-marks in the Golden Knights’ crease.

Ahead of Canes/Devils, the guys discuss what’s been an unpredictable series thus far as New Jersey came out guns blazing in Game 3. Ray focuses in on Jordan Staal and what the Canes centre will have to do to quell the (now toothless) smile of Jack Hughes. 

Plus, the depth players on the Toronto Maple Leafs being the best players on the team is a concern as the guys discuss a surprise Panthers team on the verge of sweeping the Leafs. Ray expresses his concern at Toronto’s stars, and the play of Mitch Marner needing to be better.

Kris Abbott speak on the NHL’s Draft Lottery, and select bettors who cashed in on the Chicago Blackhawks. Ray chimes in on the Bedard sweepstakes and takes aim at the people suggesting a ‘fix’. Plus, the Florida Panthers emerging as cup-favourites in betting markets, and the constantly changing probabilities in the NHL playoffs.

In Ask Ray & Dregs Anything, the guys answer your questions every week! The guys are asked about officiating complaints, which former Jack Adams nominee will be the first to land a coaching new gig, and the guys get some.. background music as they discuss their best and worst golf-shots of the year.   

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Season 4 Episode 63 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky, who are asking, "Are You Over Beer?", also brought to you now available in Ontario, and by Tim Horton's; Tim's NHL Hockey Challenge is back for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and by DUER: Use code 'RNDPANTS' to save 15% off pants

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