Jan. 10, 2023

Cheap But Effective Goalies, Torts & Curious Case of the Flyers, Matt Dumba Trade Talk

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Send some good vibes to podcast mascot, Tiny Dreger, the Great Dane’s knees might require Dregs to take on endorsement deals to pay off the vet bills! Ray’s SUPER awake after a ‘thousand hammer’ cold shower, just in time for Episode 31!

Headlines covers John Tortorella backtracking on comments he made on the All-Star game as the brash coach tries to do the impossible in Philadelphia. Just what is the game-plan for the Flyers? The guys take a look at the albatross contracts and re-build/re-tool decision in Philly.

Unlikely goaltending standouts Pheonix Copley and Martin Jones are given their due as the LA Kings and Seattle Kraken sit comfortably in playoff position in the Pacific Division. Trade talk heats up with the Senators as a potential fit for pending UFA Matt Dumba? Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin is faced with a decision similar to the Calgary Flames and Johnny Gaudreau last year. 

Ray has a bone to pick with Kris Abbott as he committed a betting faux-pas via text message this weekend. The pod took a collective ‘L’ with Aaron Rodgers ending his season with 3 INT’s in a loss to the Detroit Lions. World Juniors bettors saw great returns on the underdog bets as Czechia’s performance was an outlier few saw coming.

Ask Ray & Dregs sees questions on whether modern day NHL’ers will employ the ‘speed bag’ tactic when dealing with bad teammates. A hypothetical Bedard for Matthews trade is examined as the hype around 1st overall gives bottom feeder teams some hope for the future. Ray is asked about facing hard-nosed defenceman Darius Kasparaitis in his playing days.

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