Jan. 24, 2023

NHL Headlines: Boudreau/Canucks Saga, Tocchet's Hiring in Vancouver, & Darryl Sutter’s Comments

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Ray joins the pod from a hotel room in Calgary after wrapping up Johnny Gaudreau’s return for ESPN. The guys talk an emotional return for ‘Johnny Hockey’, and the mix between jeers and cheers for the former Flame. 

Headlines covers the NHL’s biggest story, Bruce Boudreau’s firing from the Vancouver Canucks. The guys talk Boudreau’s comments in a recent article from Micheal Russo of The Athletic, how coaches are usually fired, and Ray’s position with wife Cammi Granato being part of Canucks management. Plus, what to expect out of new hires Rick Tocchet, Adam Foote, and Sergei Gonchar as they usher in a new era in Vancouver.

Darryl Sutter made waves with his strange comments on Jakob Pelletier’s NHL debut. Dregs spoke on the ‘walking back’ of comments from the Flames Head Coach, and how they took away from a monumental moment for Pelletier. 

Betano’s Kris Abbott was tied up in meetings, and will have to wait to gloat after a big W in the pod’s NFL picks! Ray & Dregs talk an eventful weekend in the NFL, the Cowboys taking heat from all directions, Josh Allen and the Bills disappointing end to the season, and the remaining matchups for next week’s conference championships.

Your questions are answered in Ask Ray & Dregs Anything! This week the guys speak on experiences with firings/trades, Ray’s asked about what his goal song would’ve been in the 80’s, which NHL roster he’d want to be a GM for, and sticks up for officials as a listener has NOT been happy with the refs this season. 

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