Jan. 5, 2023

Pushing the ‘Tank’ Button w/ NHL 'Front Office Insider' Dave Nonis

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Ahead of the World Juniors gold medal game between Canada and Czechia, the guys welcome former NHL GM Dave Nonis to the pod for a regular appearance. Nonis discussed the World Juniors from a management perspective, what teams are looking for out of both drafted and undrafted players in the tournament. Tanking for Connor Bedard is a hot-topic as the Canadian standout seems destined for first overall at the draft. Rental players vs. long-term acquisitions are explored and Nonis uses the example of Hampus Lindholm and advising the Boston Bruins of Lindholm's abilities as a top-4 defenceman. 

As trade winds start to pickup in the NHL, Headlines kicks off with what potential buyers and sellers might be looking for in the coming weeks. Dregs relays a conversation with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews’ agent Pat Brisson. The future of the 3-time Stanley Cup champions is discussed as the Chicago Blackhawks remain firmly at the bottom of league standings. 

Juraj Slafkovksy and Shane Wright’s development plans are looked at as Ray advocates for a slow and measured approach. With the Seattle Kraken surprising many this season, the guys discuss whether they will, or should, be active in trade market to reward their players and fans. 

Kris Abbott talks a ‘losing’ ticket with his semifinals bets at the World Juniors. Connor Bedard’s incredible performance, and pivotal moments in the Canada vs. USA game are discussed. The Lions vs. Packers game is the focus as Kris and Dregs try to catch-up to Ray in the pod’s NFL picks.

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