Jan. 22, 2020

John Tortorella & Jayna Hefford

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Ray and Darren start off hitting on the playoff races heating up and which of the bubble teams looks good to make it.  John Tortorella joined the guys and talked CBJ's season, what he's still learning to do as an 'old' coach, and his continued hatred of press conferences. In this week's edition of #ThroatPunch Ray nominates repeat candidate Corey Perry, while Darren nominates Mathieu Perreault. During 'Between the Benches' the guys chat with Hockey Hall of Famer Jayna Hefford on where women's hockey is going, and Jayna coaching team Canada during all star weekend in the women's 3 on 3 game. 'Ask Ray & Dregs' sees questions on when we can expect the first female coach behind the bench in the NHL, and in what order of 'best pure player today' Ray would rank Sid, McDavid, Pasta and McKinnon.

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