April 29, 2022

Locked-In for the Playoffs & Broadcaster/Ex-NHL’er Mike Johnson

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Former NHL player and current broadcaster Mike Johnson brings his unique perspective to this week’s show. Johnson spoke on the magnitude of playing for the Habs organization, meeting Guy Lafleur, the Leafs impressive scoring this season, and much more.

Ray and Dregs deliberated their NHL Awards ballots and what looks like a 2-man race for the Hart Trophy. They discuss the impact of Evander Kane and the potential for an extension with the Oilers. Plus does Auston Matthews have the respect he deserves from his fellow NHL’ers?

#AskRayandDregsAnything questions include if Jack Campbell can be a Stanley Cup winning goaltender, why Canada doesn’t replicate USA Hockey’s Development Program, and what toys Dregs has ready for ‘cabbage’ season!

Coolbet Kris joins the show to discuss the betting implications of Matthews hitting 60 goals, Flames division win, and the emotional roller coaster of being a Jays fan.

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