Nov. 26, 2019

Mike Keenan and Keith Tkachuk Interviews

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Darren & Ray get into headlines including their thoughts on the change in the Leafs' play in their first few games under new head coach Sheldon Keefe, Dougie Hamilton's great play of late for Carolina, and the Bortuzzo four-game suspension. Stanley Cup champion 'Iron' Mike Kennan joined the guys and talked about his life as a coach, including the times he got fired by surprise. In this week's edition of #ThroatPunch Darren nominates the NHL's Department of Player Safety on how they dealt with the Bortuzzo suspension. Ray nominates the 'donkeys on Twitter' who tried to decipher Ray's pocket tweet. In 'Between the Benches' Ray's old teammate Keith 'Walt' Tkachuk joins the guys with some great stories from their time together playing in St. Louis and let the guys who would win a chirping contest between Keith's two NHL playing sons Matthew and Brady. 'Ask Ray & Dregs' sees questions including making suspensions equal the length of time the injured player is out, and which of Ray's teammates was best at blocking shots. 

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