March 23, 2023

NHL Missing It's 'Ohtani vs. Trout' + Former Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons

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Spring Training is here! What better guest to welcome baseball back than former Blue Jays manager John Gibbons. The always entertaining Gibbons gave a manager’s perspective on the World Baseball Classic, Canada’s Blue Jays fandom, and ‘striking’ a balance when dealing with umpires. Plus, re-living the infamous Jose Bautista ‘bat-flip’ moment, and a very ‘Toronto’ view on NHL superstar Connor McDavid.

In Headlines, the guys discuss Connor McDavid 60-goal season, whether he can sustain his torrid pace to reach 70 goals, and casting a shadow so big it makes Leon Draisaitl look underrated! With the buzz surrounding Ohtani vs. Trout; the guys discuss a potential World Cup of Hockey and if Russian involvement is holding things up. Plus, Maple Leafs line juggling: A loss to the Islanders, and how Leafs HC Sheldon Keefe handles team-chemistry ahead of the playoffs.

Hear why Jays superfan Kris Abbott says he owes John Gibbons an apology! Kris joins the pod and discusses the HYPE for March Madness in the United States, World Baseball Classic betting, and Betano’s Norris Trophy odds. 

MILESTONE Episode 50 wraps up with Ray prepping for ESPN's coverage of Penguins Vs. Stars, & Dregs getting little-to-no say in his kitchen reno. Thank YOU for listening!

Add ‘author’ to the list of John Gibbons’ accolades, Check out his new book “Gibby: Tales of a Baseball Lifer” 

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