June 30, 2022

NHL Season Conclusion + Hockey Canada Sexual Assault Allegations

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The end of an epic Stanley Cup Final means another hockey season is in the books! Ray and Dregs are winding down Season 3 of the podcast as well, BUT, not before another episode (or maybe two)! The guys put a bow on a busy NHL season as only they can, with candid takes and in-depth banter that you expect from two of the best in the biz! 

Ray and Dregs discuss the brilliance of the Colorado Avalanche championship team, and how it might change this off-season. Goaltending is a hot topic as Darcy Kuemper adds ‘Stanley Cup Winner’ to his resume and tough off-season decisions can’t wait with the NHL Draft around the corner. Darren’s phone is buzzing away as hockey’s #1 insider checks the pulse on HEATING up trade talks in the NHL. Kevin Fiala to LA was the first domino to fall as the cap continues to force GM’s to lose key players. 

Hockey Canada continues to face backlash over their handling of an alleged sexual assault by eight players in 2018. TSN’s Rick Westhead first reported on the story, and now sponsors are taking action by pulling their longstanding support of the organization. The guys take pause on a story that goes beyond hockey and address the disturbing allegations, accountability for the organization, and the education needed to prevent similar incidents the future.

Coolbet Kris is out east celebrating his birthday, and the Wi-Fi gave him no choice but to unplug! The guys are left to ‘stomach’ Joey Chestnut and the American tradition of Nathan’s hot dog eating contest.

Ask R+D sees questions on a talented Winnipeg Jets forward who’s name keeps coming up in trade-talks… Blake Wheeler, inevitably leading to more discussion on Pierre-Luc Dubois. Ray’s asked about which goalies he loved to score on most, and what injuries he played through. Plus, Dregs in a bar fight!? Ray’s not the only one who’s had to battle through injuries in his career!

Season 3 Episode 40 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky: who are asking: 'Are You Over Beer?', Coolbet.co the free to play sports and casino games website, by Boston Pizza - pick it up or get it delivered right to your door, let Boston Pizza do the cooking tonight, and by DUER: Use code ‘RND15’ to save 15% off pants at DUER.ca.

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