March 3, 2022

NHL Updates & Ukraine Conflict with TSN's Gord Miller

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Gord Miller joins the Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast to talk about his connections in the Ukraine and the state of the country, the IIHF’s statement and removal of both Russia and Belarus from IIHF tournaments, different leagues are handling the current events in Europe, if Ovechkin’s stance impacts his legacy, the upcoming World Championship, how you can help efforts in the Ukraine plus more.

To donate to the Red Cross for support in Ukraine here is the link:

#AskRayandDregsAnything sees questions on what kind of game format Ray likes better in a seven-game series, if Nils Höglander, which of Ray’s teammates he had the best chemistry with and how Ray managed to go -1 after his first shift in his thousandth game.

Coolbet Kris talks about his problem with hockey analytics and the NHL's game-to-game odds with top contending teams.

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