May 11, 2023

Neepawa to Vegas: Former NHL’er & Broadcaster Shane Hnidy

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Shane Hnidy brings his ‘golden-shoed’ pizzaz to the pod! The former NHL’er spoke to the guys after a CHARGED Game 4 between the Golden Knights and Oilers. Hnidy gave his thoughts on Pietrangelo’s slash on Draisaitl, an ‘old-school’ instigator penalty on Darnell Nurse, and the implications IF both players miss a pivotal Game 5. The Vegas Golden Knights broadcaster provided insight into the ‘style’ Bruce Cassidy likes his teams to play, and Hnidy’s high-school coaching career getting off to a PAINFUL start. 

In Headlines, the guys discuss a rising temperature in the Edmonton/Vegas series, Ray says the ‘eye-test’ should call for suspensions to Pietrangelo and Nurse, and what's been a see-saw battle between the two Western Conference heavyweights. 

Round 2 has seen a trend of high-scoring blowouts; the guys discuss their surprise at the unpredictability of every game. Bucking the trend, more 'playoff-normal' games between the Maple Leafs and Panthers. Leafs stave off a sweep thanks in-part to a stellar performance from Joseph Woll, Ray compares Woll to another young standout goalie in Akira Schmid.

Friend of the pod, Keith Jones, received BIG news with the announcement that he will be the new President for the Philadelphia Flyers. Dregs provides his insider knowledge of a ’close-to-the-vest’ hiring process, and what Jones will bring to a Flyers organization that needs a change-up.

Kris Abbott is on a ‘George Costanza’ vacation, so the guys are left to their own devices for what ‘action’ looks good on A tempting over/under in what’s been a high-scoring 2nd round has Dregs thinking the trend changes, while Ray thinks the Kraken/Stars series will continue to be a goal-filled affair. Plus, the ever-changing Stanley Cup favourites, and if ‘juicy’ odds on a Leafs comeback are worth a bet. 

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Season 4 Episode 64 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky, who are asking, "Are You Over Beer?", also brought to you now available in Ontario, and by Tim Horton's; Tim's NHL Hockey Challenge is back for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and by DUER: Use code 'RNDPANTS' to save 15% off pants

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