Nov. 1, 2022

Getting to the ‘Meatball’ of the Issue in Leafs-Land + Tage 'RAMPAGE' Thompson

The guys kick off Headlines with the NHL's $2.12 BILLION franchise, the Toronto Maple Leafs. A woeful western swing, the fan/media storm heading for Sheldon Keefe, and Ray discusses the Leafs falling ‘short’ of a Stanley Cup contending roster. Plus, Ray thinks the Anaheim Ducks were robbed of a goal last night, he talks the goalie interference ‘rule’, and what changes he would make. 

Tage Thompson went on a 6-point bender vs. the Detroit Red Wings! The guys talk where the Buffalo Sabres think his ceiling is, Tage silencing ‘overpay’ chatter with his hot-start, and Ray gives the power forward a comparison to one of the greatest to ever play the game! 

Kris Abbott breaks news on a BIG announcement as we are proud to join forces with Kris and Betano Canada in an exciting new partnership! Kris discouraged Ray from taking all his new employer’s money as Ray ‘5-0’ Ferraro chalks up ANOTHER win! A huge night for the Niners meant hitting the ‘over’ wasn’t in question for long, and Ray makes sure there’s time to gloat. Kris discussed being right on the probability of a Canucks win, and the short-term strategy of avoiding the struggling Maple Leafs.

Ask R+D sees questions on Kerfoot’s missed ‘gimme’, LA Kings’ patience being rewarded with former 1st round pick Gabe Vilardi, and a question on the ‘Yzer-plan’ in Detroit has Ray making a prediction that playoffs are closer than some might think for the Red Wings. 

A man and his big plate-full of meatballs had Ray playing detective as ‘What’s Bugging Ray’ makes a comeback to close out another R+D!

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