April 6, 2023

Playoff Push: Jets/Flames Wild-Card Battle & Penguins Teetering

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Playoffs? Or, planning trips to tropical destinations?? Ray recounts the dilemma from his playing days as he caught a teammate counting ‘off-season chickens’ before they hatched… Could players on ‘chasing’ teams be cancelling their travel plans?? 

In Headlines, the guys break down the playoff-races, most notably the Wild-Card battle between the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets. Even with the Jets game-in-hand, there is cause for concern after the Flames took two points in a head-to-head battle. 

In the Eastern Conference, Ray sides with his former team and a hunch that the Islanders will do enough to hang onto playoff position. With the Panthers and Penguins battling it out; Ray asks if Pittsburgh could be heading to rebuild territory soon. Plus, the guys discuss early Stanley Cup contenders, and where Ryan O’Reilly will fit in his return to the Leafs lineup.

Kris Abbott’s taking a vacation before the NHL playoffs begin, so Ray & Dregs look ahead to the first round, and the Leafs vs. Lightning series that sees Toronto as slight favourites. Is the series too close to call?? Will Tampa continue their playoff dominance? Betano has you covered for whichever way you think it’s going to go!

In Ask R+D, a question on the Masters has the guys breaking down their own golf game, and their green jacket 'dark horses'. Dregs recounts a ‘chance’ encounter with Fred Couples that lead to some good ol’ fashioned gambling with the golf legend! Plus, Ray talks the hardest hits from his career.

Season 4 Episode 54 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky, who are asking, "Are You Over Beer?", "The Game Starts Now" with Betano.ca - now available in Ontario, and by DUER: Use code 'RNDPANTS' to save 15% off pants at DUER.ca.

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