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Exceptional. Highly Recommend

Exceptional hockey podcast and a great dynamic duo. Not only is it in depth, up to date, funny and accurate but it includes it’s listener questions consistently making us feel like part of the podcast. Keep up the great work Ray and Dregs. Cheers!

The two best in the game

These guys are 1-2 in the game

Hello from Colorado

Enjoy this pod. Smart, experienced guys. Much better than 32 Thoughts.

Great hockey show

The best show from the best guys. Hope they will do this for a long time.

Love the episodes

Great show boys! Keep up the great content!!

Awesome podcast

I could listen to Ray and Darren for hours. The only down side is that there is only 1 episode per week. Keep up the great work guys. I love hearing the stories Ray has about his playing days and his player’s perspective.


Any podcast with Ray Ferraro is gonna be a beauty

Pretty good

I really enjoy the back and forth and information from both Ray and Dregs. But is it seems like there are way too many built in commercials which is irritating. I will continue to listen but hope the commericials are reduced.

Ray & Dregs

You guys keep us informed of the issues of hockey and make us think about life’s issues, such as social injustice, politics etc. I laugh out loud many times during the show. Keep up the great work.


Really good podcast


I really love your podcast! I look forward every week when you upload podcast!

Love what you guys do!

Love your podcast guys. Heard you fitness and nutrition talk at the end. I got your back follow @nfitness_fitin30 on the gram I specialize in 30 min or less workouts from toronto with a sustainable lifestyle philosophy. No diets, no long boring workouts. Love what you guys do!!


Appreciate you guys putting out content during this weird time. Keep up the good work!

Pretty good

Good stuff all around


I just started listening this week. As good as you'd expect. Excellent insight from both hosts and entertaining guests. Thank you for getting me through quarantine

Works good

Love me some Razor and that greasy 80’s duster he rocked, good show great insight dreggs is a perfect fit, sorta the dorky good cop to Rays saltiness. Try and squeeze a few more episodes in boys.....I know your busy but damit we need more shows! Cheers Steve

Real talk

Refreshing to hear these two industry leaders banter.


Found the podcast in March 2020 and have gone back and downloaded all. Thus time frame is dated but great fun to listen to analysis before the eventual facts. Pretty darn accurate. LOVE the Throat Punch section. Get watch Ray in selected Wpg Jets on TSN 3 during the season and is a pleasure to listen to. Nice to hear Dregs again on a regular basis basis after daily doses on local sports in Wpg. Great!! chemistry with you guys Very natural. You guys are now my #1 show and “31” is now relegated to #2

Awsome gents

Outstanding podcast you guys are the best especially with interviews maybe you can get chelios on if you can thank you for doing the podcast


I enjoyed Ray from the 1st time I ever heard him do colour commentating. I’ve missed hearing him when TSN lost doing games to Rogers. What games he is on I don’t get, I’m in the Calgary market. This podcast gives me a chance to hear his perspectives and he is informative, interesting and entertaining to listen to.

Great show!

Keep up the good work! Please bring in Colby Armstrong as much as possible. He rules!!


Great show guys. Love the guests as well as, Rays perspective and sense of humour and obviously Dregs brings the insider perspective. Loved all the interviews and the down to earth approach. Would love to see Bobby Orr on the show.

Great show

If you’re looking for a good hockey podcast that focuses on the game, this is it.

👍 Love the show!!

Latecomer to the show but I’m on board now and loving each episode!! The 2019 in review podcast was great, lots of laughs but every podcast has great insight and info and well thought out comments by both Ray and Darren. A must for any hockey fan!! Spread the word!!

Awesome guys but

Love these guys but sound is horrible and to many ads, still gonna listen but things need to be tightened up in the sound quality zone

Great Hockey Pod

Best hockey podcast out that is not called Spittin’ Chiclets. Nice change of pace once in a while though.

Too much advertising

Good hockey content and especially like the discussions with former players and coaches. I am getting tired of the endless advertising. Suits, winter jackets, mattresses, health care, etc. Painful to listen to week after week.

Best Hockey Podcast

Love this. By far the best Guest content. Love the stories and throat punch! Listen to each one, and I got an Endy:)

Awesome show

Good job on the show guys. Listen every week and love the guests and hockey talk