The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

Excited for this!

Hello Dregs & Chicken Farmer!
I am a huge fan of both of your work throughout the years! I’m always intrigued to hear inside information from Dregs, either on “First Up” or on “Leafs Lunch” * of course your breaking information on Twitter etc. I also enjoy Ray’s inside information & the attention to details he shares on the game, from the World Junior Championships, and what it takes to be a pro.

As for going forward with the podcast, I know you’ll stay true to yourselves, and just like Bob’s, “Bobcast” it is interesting to always hear your stories throughout the league, past experiences & how you both are able to nail insider information on contract negotiations, trades, drafts etc.

Whatever interviews you’re both able to have would be awesome! And also your stories that your hearing throughout the year, and opinions on the hot topics of the NHL, or other breaking information from the CHL, USHL & other prospects that could make a difference in the near future.

All the best, @ItsBartDude

Oct. 16, 2019 by bro.toli on Apple Podcasts

The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast