Dec. 26, 2022

‘Ringing the Bell’ w/ Glenn Healy & Patrick Flatley + NHL Outlook at Christmas Break

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‘Heals & Flats’ teamed back up with Ray Ferraro and the banter was legendary! The trio of former New York Islanders told hilarious stories of their narcoleptic trainer, Ray navigating a broken leg… in a broken taxi, and the diabolical prank that had Glenn Healy ringing one EXPENSIVE bell! Plus, the ’93 Game 7 OT win over Pittsburgh, and playing under Hall of Fame coach Al Arbour: his limiting of post-game beers, and the meaningful impact he had on the three teammates. 

In Headlines, Ray & Dregs take a broad look at the most noteworthy stories in the NHL thus far. Boston Bruins’ high-flying offence and league-best record are examined. The guys ask is Tage Thompson’s torrid pace sustainable, and are the New Jersey Devils for real??

Alberta's goaltending is discussed as both the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames struggle to find consistency with their starters. Ray says it's 'win-now' mode for the Winnipeg Jets as they're amongst the best in the west, despite injury woes. A surging sophomore season for the Seattle Kraken continues to turn heads in the league.

Kris Abbott joins the show to talk NHL futures! Are the Leafs worth a look at 11:1 odds to capture their first Stanley Cup since 1967? Individual player awards also present an opportunity for bettors, from the Vezina to the Calder, different candidates could emerge in the NHL’s 2nd half.

 Season 4 Episode 27 is presented by our title sponsor Canadian Club Whisky: who are asking: 'Are You Over Beer?', Boston Pizza - pick it up or get it delivered right to your door, let Boston Pizza do the cooking tonight, ‘The Game Starts Now’ now available in Ontario, and by DUER: Use code ‘RND15’ to save 15% off pants at


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