April 17, 2023

Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs: PREVIEW & PICKS w/ Dave Nonis

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The NHL Playoffs are HERE!! Ahead of Day 1 of ‘the climb’ to the Stanley Cup Finals, former GM (and regular R&D contributor) Dave Nonis joins the guys to get you set for the 1st Round! Taking a look at the finer details of the game, and what they view as ‘difference-makers’ in each series; Ray and Dave make their case for who has the edge, and predict the 2023 Stanley Cup champions. 

Igor Shesterkin as the X-factor in the ‘Battle of the Hudson’, a must-win Game 1 for the Maple Leafs, and Edmonton Oilers underrated ‘size’ ahead of their matchup vs. the LA Kings just scratch the surface of topics covered in Episode 57. 

In Headlines, the guys discuss Hillary Knight’s hat-trick in the Women’s Worlds Final vs. Canada, her connection with Hockey Hall of Famer Cammi Granato, and Knight’s ‘shoe-in’ status to join Cammi in the ‘Hall’ one day. 

On the heels of a disappointing season, the Pittsburgh Penguins 'cleaned house' in their front-office, shaping-up for a pivotal summer. Will they rebuild? Or, is there still hope to surround an aging Penguins core with enough pieces for another run at Lord Stanley? Plus, the changes behind the bench for the Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Washington Capitals. 

Kris Abbott joins the show for a full rundown on Betano’s 1st-round odds. The pod locks in picks for each series, and Kris tells us why the LA kings are worth a ‘hedge’ despite the Edmonton Oilers star-power. An ‘old-school’ battle between the Minnesota Wild and Dallas Stars has Kris stumped, as the pod predicts a barn-burner between Minnesota’s former and current NHL teams. 

Catch Ray on ESPN’s playoff coverage as Mr. Ferraro embarks on a melee of planes, trains, and automobiles to cover the live-action of the playoffs. Meanwhile Dregs holds down the fort at TSN as the two renowned hockey broadcasters gear up for the BEST time of year! In the words of Chance The Rapper, “Let’s Do That Hockey!”

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