March 30, 2021

San Jose Sharks forward Kurtis Garbriel

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San Jose Sharks Kurtis Gabriel joins Ray and Darren and talks his style of play and being willing to answer the bell, his unconventional hockey journey following the death of his father, using his current platform as an NHL player to be an ally for diversity and inclusivity and what it is going to take for that to be achieved. Kurtis also talks his odd #potatopower diet and much more. #ThroatPunches go out this week to some of NHL's attempt to deceive with Upper / Lower Body injuries and to Flames Matthew Tkachuk for his recent antics trying to draw a penalty. Coolbet Kris joins and talks the odds around the Sabres blowing a 3-goal lead and the latest March Madness upsets. #AskRayandDregsAnything sees questions including whether refs should be mic'd-up more to help with transparency.

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