Sept. 20, 2021

Summer Is Over, Hockey Returning

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Canucks Head Coach Travis Green joins the guys to kick-off Season 3 of the Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast. Green chats on his off-season additions, how his squad looks heading into training camp, his thoughts on the Pettersson and Hughes RFA situations, his lengthy ordeal dealing with COVID-19 symptoms last season, and reflects on his playing days on the Isles alongside Ray and a veteran cast of characters, and much more. Dregs has a #ThroatPunch for someone who successfully pranked him. #AskRayandDregsAnything sees questions on which Canadian teams will have the toughest go back in their usual divisions after last years Canada division schedules and more.

This week's episode is presented by our title sponsor Infiniti, book your contactless test drive at Infiniti(dot)ca, by Coolbet(dot)co the free to play sports and casino games website, by our pals at Canadian Club Whisky, who are asking: 'Are You Over Beer?', by Boston Pizza, BP's Kids Cards are back now, and by Endy(dot)ca use code RD75 for $75 off your mattress order.

Big thank you to our Go Goat Sports team members Sekeres & Price for letting us use their studio.

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