Feb. 28, 2023

Trading ALL The Draft Picks w/ Former NHL GM Dave Nonis

Regular R&D podcast contributor, and former NHL GM, Dave Nonis joins the show just in time for the trade deadline! Nonis gives his front-office perspective on Tampa Bay Lightning GM Julien Brisebois’ trading away ALL the draft picks, the perceived value of picks to an organization, and if Kyle Dubas should be to blame if the Leafs don’t win in the playoffs. Plus, Nonis takes us back to the deadline-deal for Roberto Luongo that almost-was. 

In Headlines, the guys talk Toronto Maple Leafs acquisitions McCabe and Lafferty, Eastern Conference powerhouse teams, and if changes to the playoff format would keep better teams in the mix for longer. A league warning on trading LTIR or injured players has Ray asking why there isn’t similar accountability for the Coyotes given the ongoing Chychrun situation.

Kris Abbott talks playing a hunch in the Bruins/Oilers matchup, doubling down on the same bet as the odds changed in-game, and whether it’s worth betting on the ‘sure-thing’ of Connor McDavid winning the Hart Trophy. 

Thank you for your Ask Ray & Dregs questions! The guys answer your Q’s on potential landing spots for Tyler Bertuzzi, and Ray thinks a non-contender might be a good fit for the young winger. Dregs speaks on his ‘sources’ and being sure to verify information before breaking news. 

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