April 17, 2020

Tyson Barrie Interview

Tyson Barrie of the Leafs lets us know what he's been doing during the NHL 'pause', and tells us how unique Nathan MacKinnon is. Nobis co-founder Robin Yates joins and talks about the charitable initiatives Nobis have underway to raise funds to help frontline healthcare workers to fight COVID19. This edition of 'Ask Ray & Dregs Anything' gets into which wingers of his era Ray would have loved to play with, and what the best chirps Ray overheard as both a player and a between-the-benches broadcaster were.


This episode is sponsored by our pals at www.Coolbet.co the free to play sports and casino game website. Visit www.nobis.com to help support their fundraising fight against COVID-19. The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

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